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​​   Puerto Rico is very competitive in the housing market and boasts some beautiful yet affordable beach front and mountain side living. Artful town plazas host many great real estate opportunities as well. There are deals everywhere, both residential and commercial! Now is definitely a great time to buy in Puerto Rico.  

   Our House Hunting Service works directly with you, the buyer, to find out exactly what you need in a property. To be your eyes and ears on the island. We will comprise a list of properties that suit your needs and budget. We will physically  pre view to check the over all condition. If desired, we can do additional inspections of wiring, plumbing, etc., so that you won't be caught off guard with a home needing more repairs than anticipated. These lists also work well to use for negotiating purposes. We can prepare rough or detailed estimates on what it would take to get the property to your ideal status and can even work with you after to execute those plans. Together with local agents, brokers and sellers, we will present your offers and assist with negotiations. We have built a team of attorneys to navigate the Puerto Rican real estate laws, tax incentives and ancestry rights. We are here from start to finish!
    Whether it's a fixer upper, ocean front, commercial, land for a farm or a furnished condo we are here to help you make your dreams your reality!

          Don't waste another minute, call us today, let's find you a place! 

  • Tailored property searches
  • ​Pre-view potential properties
  • Property Inspections
  • Price Negotiation Assistance
  • Properties include Agent Listings, Foreclosures, Fixer-uppers, Turn-key, Farms & Acreage, By Owner & Commercial
  • Customized Remodel Cost Projections
  • Accompanied property viewings
  • Projected Rental Income Forecasting 

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